How IP Will Be Impacted During the M&A Process

Intellectual property, or IP, is an essential component of any merger or acquisition (M&A). As our economy becomes increasingly reliant on technology and innovation, the role of IP in any M&A also becomes increasingly important because of the immense value it can add to a business.  If you’re considering an M&A, it’s essential that IP […]

Why You Need an Experienced Outside Legal Counsel for any Merger and Acquisition Deal

Successfully navigating a business transaction requires a team of professionals, not the least of which includes experienced legal counsel.  While in-house counsel remains important, outside counsel provides important benefits for businesses undergoing one of the biggest transactions they may ever take part in. Why You Should Hire Outside Legal Counsel for your Merger or Acquisition […]

When to Consider an Earnout When Selling Your Business

There are countless ways to structure a business transaction, and while this can be good, it also adds to the complexity of the process. Because you can slice and dice the deal any which way, it can be difficult to identify exactly which way is right for you. This can be particularly true when it comes to […]

Negotiating Your M&A Valuation – Key Strategies

Yes, offer price and valuation in a merger and acquisition (M&A) deal are negotiable, but these negotiations can be complicated, especially when a company’s shares are not publicly traded.  When there are differences between a buyer’s and seller’s opinion on valuation – and there usually are – it will have to be negotiated in order […]

How to Negotiate a Business Purchase Letter of Intent

A business purchase letter of intent (LOI) is a non-binding document shared between a buyer and seller of a business entity. The agreement is used as a starting point for negotiating the terms of a proposed business deal.  An LOI typically includes provisions for items such as price and any adjustments to the purchase price, […]