Your Hurricane Checklist: How to Prepare for This Year’s Storm Season

As Miamians, if there’s one thing we know with certainty, it’s that there will be a storm season. It’s never an “if” or even a “when.” It’s a “how big will it be” state of mind that we’ve come to expect as summer rolls around each year.

And while we can’t stop the winds and rains, one thing we can do is take precautionary measures to best protect our homes, property, and ourselves from danger. Here are five steps you should take today so you’re ready for this year’s storm season:

Five Steps to Prepare For a Hurricane:

  • Take photos and video of your property – By creating an inventory of your home, you’ll have documentation and proof of your personal possessions in the event that you need to file an insurance claim or apply for disaster aid.
  • Review insurance policies – Understand your existing insurance coverage and compile your documents securely with your photos and home inventory footage. Storing the documents in a water-tight folder or bag is a good idea to ensure they stay dry and well-protected.
  • Pack a hurricane “go bag” – Storms can change paths quickly or linger for longer than expected, and when a storm is approaching, you may feel too rushed to adequately pack and evacuate safely. Plan ahead by packing essentials for you and your family (including your pets), and make sure you know your evacuation route well in advance of a storm striking.
  • Stock up on supplies – You should never be without extra non-perishables and emergency supplies, including batteries, flashlights, matches and candles, water, food, first-aid supplies, basic tools and materials, and fuel, among others.
  • Protect your property – Bring in loose outdoor items, cut weak branches and trees, install storm shutters. If you evacuate, elevate furniture, disconnect electricity, and turn off gas at the main switch.

Adequate preparation is one of the best things you can do ensure your family and property’s safety in the wake of a storm. Check these five things off your list now, and after the storm, call us first at Silverberg | Brito, PLLC.

If your property has been damaged by hurricane force winds and/or flooding, our experienced team is prepared to take care of you by successfully representing your claim against your insurance company.

Even better – we’ll manage your claim at absolutely no cost to you unless we are successful for recovering money for you. Contact us to set up a free consultation to learn more.

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