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Silverberg|Brito, PLLC represents buyers or sellers of the State of Florida in real estate transactions as a title and closing agent on commercial and residential purchase and refinance transactions.


Our firm represent clients in negotiations, reviews of real estate contracts, and assist buyers or sellers with performing their due diligence to make sure they comply with all the time sensitive events pursuant to the contract.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy owner’s title insurance?

The technical answer is, no, you do not NEED to purchase owner’s title insurance; however, if there is ever a title issue with your property you will not be covered.  Titling problems or defects can lead to serious consequences for a property owner.

Whether it is legal headaches and costs associated with a claim brought against you or a much worse problem that leads to the loss of your property, protecting your stake in your home’s purchase is often a smart move for most home buyers. After all, you never know when a title claim might occur – it could be long after you’ve purchased the home. Purchasing title insurance is a way to mitigate risk and safeguard your home’s purchase; which is why our firm extremely encourages every buyer to purchase owner’s title insurance.  For more information on title insurance, do not hesitate to look at our blog on why you need title insurance.

Are all title companies in Florida run by attorneys?

No.  A common myth is that the closing agent is always an attorney who is representing you.  This cannot be further from the truth in Florida.  In Florida, you just need to be licensed and appointed with a title insurance company to be a closing agent and sell title insurance. 

However, what sets Silverberg|Brito, PLLC apart from many others, is that you will have an attorney run and operated title insurance company, wherein you can obtain legal advice regarding any question you may have.  For more information on this the difference between a title company and closing attorney, visit our blog here.

What do buyers and sellers need to bring to a closing?

Buyers need to bring 2 forms of Identification such as: a state issued driver’s license and your social security card or a signed tax return, a pay stub with your name on it or a voter registration card. 

In addition, Buyers should have previously wired their cash to close prior to arriving to closing; our firm does not accept checks at closing due to the amount of mortgage fraud.  Sellers should bring 2 forms of identification, the same as Buyers, but in addition, should bring all of the keys they have to the Property, any garage door openers, and any other manual for the fixtures in the home.

Will I get my keys at closing?

This is a tricky answer, sometimes you will, sometimes you will not.  The biggest issue really comes down to the closing agent’s receipt of all monies, including those from your lender if you are taking out a mortgage, must have exchanged hands. While most wire transfers happen relatively quickly, there are delays that can extend beyond normal business hours. 

Once it is confirmed that the loan has been funded, and your cash to close was paid, then you should finally get your keys. While the wait can feel like a nuisance, especially after everything it took to get to this point in the real estate process, this is the most likely scenario for most home buyers.  For more information regarding getting the keys to your new house at closing see our blog here.

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