Steven Silverberg, Esq. Published in St. Thomas Law Review

Recently, managing partner, Steven Silverberg, Esq. was published in the St. Thomas Law Review! Steven worked tirelessly on his paper regarding the option to repair. He credits his family and friends for all their input in helping him to get published on the issue of the Option to Repair for the State of Florida. The Option to Repair is a new issue that has been included in many homeowner’s insurance policies recently. The Option to Repair in Florida is affecting many homeowner’s throughout the State of Florida. To read his article, please go to this link: or go to its citation at 28 St. Thomas L. Rev. 63.

Updates will follow in separate posts regarding the Option to Repair in Florida and what recent Florida Appellate Courts have decided.

Feel free to leave a comment regarding this article and the Option to Repair in Florida.

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