10 Tips on Staying Safe After a Hurricane

While we’re accustomed to heeding warnings leading up to a hurricane and most of us do our part to protect our property and families before and during a storm by checking off the items on our hurricane checklist and packing our emergency hurricane go-bag, it can be easy to let the importance of taking safety precautions after a storm slide in our haste to get back to our homes. But taking precautionary measures in the aftermath of a hurricane is just as important for your safety, even if the winds and rains have passed.

10 Quick Tips for Staying Safe After a Hurricane

  1. Don’t return to your property until authorities have declared it safe to do. Stay tuned to local news stations for important announcements and instructions.
  2. Avoid driving through flooded areas and steer clear of downed power lines and anything that is in contact with power lines, including water or puddles near downed power lines.
  3. Report any dangerous situations you encounter, such as broken gas or water mains, downed power lines, overturned gas tanks, or wild or stray animals.
  4. Take caution when entering a damaged building. If the building has been flooded, keep the electricity turned off until a professional has had a chance to inspect it. Do not use matches until all gas lines have been checked for leaks.
  5. Wear protective gear and clothing like sturdy shoes, goggles, breathing masks, and work gloves to avoid exposure to harmful materials.
  6. Be cautious of airborne and waterborne illnesses and contaminations. Consider wearing a protective mask and insect repellant.
  7. Document damage with thorough photo and video footage. In addition to photos and video, it’s also helpful to start creating an inventory of your damaged property. Put together a list of the damaged items by including a description of the item, the name of the manufacturer, brand name, and any other pertinent information you have about the item.
  8. Protect your property from further damage by boarding up broken windows.
  9. Maintain accurate records of your expenses and save all receipts and bills from any temporary repairs you make on your property.
  10. Call Silverberg Brito, PLLC promptly to discuss your damage and report your claim to your insurance company.

In the aftermath of a hurricane, it can be easy to let emotions take over. Prepare yourself ahead of time and use a common-sense approach towards safety when returning to your home. While overwhelming and scary, at Silverberg | Brito, PLLC, we are here to help get you and your property back on the road to recovery as quickly as possible and with a full and fair insurance claim payout for your damage. Get in touch for a free case evaluation.

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