What Is Important to Have in a Business Contract in Florida?

Contracts are sometimes considered an after-thought…until they are far from that – until they are staring you in the face with serious legal and financial repercussions. 

While just a simple piece of paper (or electronic document), business contracts put important protections in place for both you and the client, as well as specify the nature of the business relationship. They are not hard to complete and should always be a first step when entering into any type of working relationship.

Then, if for some unfortunate reason, a client were to come back to you with legal threats, or if you needed to take action to seek payment or protect proprietary rights, your signed contract could be used in court. The relatively small amount of money it costs for a business attorney to help you create your contract is peanuts next to the legal fees you could end up facing. 

What to Include in a Florida Business Contract:

  • The nature of the business relationship – Who’s providing what product or service? What’s the scope of work and length of the relationship? Regardless if it’s a one-time service to a client or an ongoing deliverable, the details of that agreement should be clearly written and the terms for ending the relationship should be explicit.
  • Cost – What is the cost for your services, how and when will you get paid, and what penalties are there if the client doesn’t pay on time?
  • Who maintains rights? – After you deliver the contracted work, who maintains the rights to those deliverables. What rights are being purchased and what rights are being maintained. 

Contracts minimize risk and protect you, your business and your clients. You want it to be customized for your needs, so be sure to consult a Florida business attorney before formalizing any contract – be that one you create or signing one you receive. Contact us today to get started.

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