How to Resolve Contract Disputes Without Going to Court

For people who cringe at conflict, the thought of going to court to find a resolution to a dispute is the last thing anyone wants to do. Aside from the expense, there’s time, emotion and energy spent on the issue. It’s draining and pulls you away from essential value-add activities for your business. 

The reality, however, is that conflict is part of human nature and part of running a business. Ensuring that contracts are upheld and abided by is important to protecting your business, your rights and your bottom line. 

If the situation calls for it, you will have to confront the issue head-on and work to find a resolution as quickly as possible. Fortunately, there are ways to resolve contract disputes in Florida without going to court.

Dispute Resolution Alternatives to Litigation

Coming to a resolution quickly is best for everybody. When there is a dispute regarding a contract, one of the first steps to take is to identify the problem and talk it over with the other person. Sometimes the other party may not even realize the extent of the issue until you show them how they violated the contract. 

When disputes can’t be resolved between parties, it may be time to pursue an alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation. 

Mediation is a way of resolving legal disputes outside the courtroom by using a neutral third party to – as the name suggests – mediate the conversation. Mediation is frequently a much faster and less costly way to resolve business conflicts than pursuing litigation.

In the case of business contracts, such as a violation of a non-compete agreement, there are a few possible outcomes. With any business contract or dispute, it’s important to discuss the situation with your attorney so you understand your options and potential outcomes. Sometimes the breaching party will commit to performing the duties as detailed in the contract. Other times there may be a monetary exchange to pay for the damages resulting from the breach, or the parties may ultimately cancel the contract.

The outcome will be highly dependent on the given situation, but the mediator will work diligently to help the two parties come to a resolution outside of court. Certainly, there are some instances when litigation may become necessary, but working to resolve the issue with alternative dispute resolution methods can be a productive first step.

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