For many entrepreneurs, starting a business comes with plenty of blood, sweat, and tears, but there are some things it doesn’t have to come with – and that’s lawsuits and other legal consequences due to unfortunate missteps along the way.

Why Your Start-up Needs a Lawyer

Forming your own business is an exciting undertaking, yet it comes with huge responsibilities and repercussions if things go wrong. You could wind up out of business, out of money, and in a pile of debt all because of a contract error or business oversight (so nope, you shouldn’t use LegalZoom for your business contracts.

Florida start-ups need an attorney to help them ensure business compliance and navigate relationships with a few primary groups:

  • Government entities – Businesses are required to comply with specific government rules and regulations, and there can be significant penalties for failing to do so. There are also state and federal tax obligations the business is responsible for.
  • Third parties – Every business takes on risk as it expands its interactions with a growing customer base, supply chain, vendor partnerships, employees, and the general public. Your lawyer will help you control risk with various stakeholder groups as you grow your business.
  • Founding partners – One of the most important reasons to hire an attorney when starting a business is to help set the course for a smooth and successful partnership and overall business operation. A carefully crafted partnership agreement at the outset of any business relationship can help you save time, money, and headaches as the business grows.

While it may feel tempting to pass over the attorney’s fees when forming your small business, it’s not advisable. Keep in mind that any upfront attorney fees you pay will be relatively minor compared to what it could cost if you face legal troubles later.

A business lawyer will put you on a strong path to success and help you avoid expensive and time-consuming legal hurdles that you may encounter if you don’t take smart precautionary measures now. For help with your Florida start-up, get in touch with our team at Silverberg|Brito, PLLC today.

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