Do You Need to Use the Real Estate Attorney Your Realtor Recommends?

We rely on recommendations in all aspects of our lives – from which restaurant to try to which plumber to hire. It’s helpful to narrow down our choices from a broad pool of potential candidates, but a recommendation is just that – something that we should consider. It’s never a hard and fast requirement or obligation.

When it comes to buying a house, you will face many choices. Which neighborhood should you live in? Which realtor should you partner with? Which lender should you seek a mortgage from? These and so many other decisions will leave your head spinning, and you may seek many recommendations along the way. Turning to a resource you trust for guidance can be helpful in finding the right match for you.

How to proceed when you receive a recommendation

It never hurts to listen to a recommendation from someone you trust like your realtor, but before you make a final decision on who you want to represent you in your real estate transaction, be sure to also do your own due diligence.

Important decisions, like the one to ultimately purchase a home, carry significant gravitas. You want to rely on your own research and intuition when making a decision that comes with such an emotional and financial investment. There is a lot at stake in a real estate closing and a real estate attorney is there to protect you.

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, having a real estate attorney to represent your needs and interests in the transaction is so important. If a legal issue were to arise with your property months or even years down the road, you can rest easy knowing you are protected – your real estate attorney may even save you time and money in the long run if you were to encounter later disputes with the property.

Representation for you

If you’re looking for a real estate attorney to help protect your investment in a Florida home, we’re here to help. We focus on real estate law and helping buyers and sellers navigate real estate transactions by serving as title and closing agents on commercial and residential purchase and refinance transactions here in the state of Florida. To learn more, contact us at Silverberg|Brito, PLLC.

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