Do You Need to Hire a Real Estate Attorney in Florida?

Whether you’re looking to relocate within Florida, are considering a move from out of state, or looking to build a real estate investment portfolio, you likely have many questions about the real estate transaction process. And while buying a new home or condo is exciting, the stakes are high. Not to mention, the process is emotion-filled and ripe for drama (hello, bidding war!).

If you want to secure the property of your dreams…and ensure that it’s yours forever…you can’t afford any missteps.

Why Hire a Real Estate Attorney

There are no laws in Florida requiring you to hire a real estate attorney when purchasing a new home or condo. You can secure a mortgage and move through the closing process without legal counsel, but is it a good idea?

No, not really – and if for no other reason than to ensure that one of the biggest investments you will likely ever make remains yours for as long you choose to own it.

What Does a Real Estate Attorney Do?

A real estate attorney ensures a smooth closing process on your new property all while making sure that your rights remain fully protected.

More specifically, when you engage a real estate lawyer, they act on behalf of you and serve as your fiduciary. Their duty is to ensure that your rights and best interests remain front and center.

Because each property in Florida is unique, buying a new home presents a lot of risk for investors. The property could be a foreclosed home, it could have a less-than-ideal inspection history, it may contain defects that are not disclosed, the title history could be in question, and the list goes on. The more complicated the transaction, the more imperative it is to have a lawyer at your side.

But Isn’t a Lawyer Expensive?

Many people shy away from contacting a real estate lawyer because they worry it will be too expensive. In fact, it’s not – and it’s far cheaper to protect yourself upfront against potential legal issues than it is to pay for lengthy litigation, or worse – lose your home due to a title dispute.

Buying a home without a lawyer reviewing all of the real estate documents and providing legal advice along the way is highly risky and could lead to serious ownership issues down the road.

If you are purchasing real estate in Florida, don’t take any chances. Contact us at Silverberg|Brito, PLLC for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help protect you and your investment.

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