Can You File an Insurance Suit Even for a Small Claim?

It’s a question we hear quite frequently: “Can I file a lawsuit against my insurance company even if it is not for a large claim?” and the answer is absolutely yes!

For anyone who has had damage to their property, you know the kind of headache that comes with cleaning up the aftermath. Yes, money is involved, but so too is the emotional and mental toll such an effort exerts on everybody who is affected. 

On top of this, being treated unfairly and illegally by your insurance company? That’s definitely not something to stand for, no matter the amount of damage the claim was for.

Reduce the Stress in Filing an Insurance Claim

The good news is that at SilverbergBrito, PLLC, we’re here to free your hands and help you win the case you have against your insurance company. There truly is no damage too small when it comes to restoring and protecting your home and people within it. You deserve to receive your rightful claim’s distribution for the amount of damage you’ve sustained. 

When you turn to our experienced team of property insurance attorneys, we offer you contingency-fee representation no matter what your damages are throughout the litigation process. You don’t owe us a cent if we don’t recover money for you (and when we do, it’s your insurance company that usually pays for our services). 

If your property has been damaged, get in touch with us right away today to discuss your claim. Being informed, having the right answers, and ensuring the best team is on your side are your best lines of defense when it comes to winning your insurance suit – no matter the size.

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