3 Steps to Avoid Foreclosure in Florida

Falling behind on mortgage payments can happen to anyone, but with it comes very real consequences if you’re not able to act early and fight for what’s yours. We’ve discussed broadly in past blog posts about what you can to do to avoid foreclosure, but in the next two posts, we want to dive further […]

What it Means When a Lis Pendens is Filed

Lis pendens, which is Latin for “suit pending,” is a notice declaring that a lawsuit has been filed in regards to land or property. If you receive a notice of default followed by a notice of lis pendens at the beginning of the foreclosure process, it means that a notice has been put on public […]

Responding to a Complaint from Your Mortgage Lender

During the foreclosure process, there are a series of documents your lender is required to complete in order to pursue a mortgage foreclosure. Among the first that a homeowner facing potential foreclosure will receive is the “Notice of Default,” which notifies you that you have failed to comply with your contractual obligations of the loan […]