Negotiating Your M&A Valuation – Key Strategies

Yes, offer price and valuation in a merger and acquisition (M&A) deal are negotiable, but these negotiations can be complicated, especially when a company’s shares are not publicly traded.  When there are differences between a buyer’s and seller’s opinion on valuation – and there usually are – it will have to be negotiated in order […]

How to Negotiate a Business Purchase Letter of Intent

A business purchase letter of intent (LOI) is a non-binding document shared between a buyer and seller of a business entity. The agreement is used as a starting point for negotiating the terms of a proposed business deal.  An LOI typically includes provisions for items such as price and any adjustments to the purchase price, […]

Key Factors to Consider Before Buying Out a Competitor

Scaling a business takes time, but there is one way to quickly grow and potentially double (or more) your book of business essentially overnight – and that’s to acquire another company.  Before you start eating up your competition, however, you want to really think things through. A good investment, if not executed well, could end […]

How to Resolve Contract Disputes Without Going to Court

For people who cringe at conflict, the thought of going to court to find a resolution to a dispute is the last thing anyone wants to do. Aside from the expense, there’s time, emotion and energy spent on the issue. It’s draining and pulls you away from essential value-add activities for your business.  The reality, […]

What Is Important to Have in a Business Contract in Florida?

Contracts are sometimes considered an after-thought…until they are far from that – until they are staring you in the face with serious legal and financial repercussions.  While just a simple piece of paper (or electronic document), business contracts put important protections in place for both you and the client, as well as specify the nature […]