Born City:

Lima, Peru

What you love about the legal field?
There is always an opportunity to help someone with an issue they may find no solution to. We have the capacity to ease the mind of a person and making them feel that they are not alone. The other reason has to be that there is always something new to learn and there is always room to improve upon the things you feel you already know.

What motivates you to help our clients and the community?
A lot of the situations our clients are in can seem daunting and a person can become frustrated and overwhelmed. By understanding this, I feel that we are capable of having the necessary and required empathy to understand what they may be going through. Although not in the same field of law, I’ve had family and friends go through situations in regards to say Immigration that I’ve had to get involved in or be a part of, and I remember the instances where had it not been for the legal professional assisting us; we would have been in the dark.


I have several hobbies but my one passion is singing and learning about opera. As it is many consider it a dying art but, I feel it is a piece of history that is worth saving and cultivating.

Favorite Quote:

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets.”
– Ludwig Van Beethoven