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Tenant’s Rights: Know What Should be in your Residential and Commercial Leases

When renting or leasing a space, you, as the tenant, as well as your landlord each maintain certain rights and responsibilities. Many of these are spelled out in the lease agreement, but not all of them may be. Before signing any kind of lease, it’s important to carefully read the full terms and ask questions if you don’t understand something.

The Most Common Claims that Receive Their Full Property Damage Claim Amounts

As a property owner, you take pride in the home and life you’ve built, and you want to protect your property as best as you can.  One action you take is insuring your property so that you’re covered in the event of a disaster. As a hard-working Floridian, it only makes sense that you want to do everything in your

10 Tips on Staying Safe After a Hurricane

While we’re accustomed to heeding warnings leading up to a hurricane and most of us do our part to protect our property and families before and during a storm by checking off the items on our hurricane checklist and packing our emergency hurricane go-bag, it can be easy to let the importance of taking safety precautions after a storm slide in