Working in insurance litigation, we can’t stress to our clients enough the importance of creating (and regularly updating) an inventory of your home and possessions. While it’s easy to think you’ll remember everything you have in your house and be able to write it all down if something truly does happen, that’s not always the case, especially in moments of

Over the past decade across Florida, we have seen skyrocketing property insurance rates. According to the insurance companies, this is in large part due to litigation initiated by some restoration and mitigation companies utilizing the Assignment of Benefits (AOB) clause in insurance contracts. What insurance companies claim was happening with Assignment of Benefits Ill-intentioned contractors were getting policyholders to sign

When you choose to rent or lease a property, you’re making the choice to enter into a contractual obligation with a landlord. Every contract will have its differences, but a big part of nearly every renter’s agreement is the security deposit. While not required by law (though there are laws to govern its application, specifically Florida Statue §83.49, most landlords