Here in Florida, we just never know when it might be “go” time, which is why it’s essential to always be prepared. As hurricane season rolls in, there are some important steps we must take to best protect our property and those we love. As you consider your needs and responsibilities in terms of what you must do in order

One of the most important documents to have as a homeowner is an updated home inventory, but, we get it, life happens, and oftentimes a home inventory is a priority many homeowners simply don’t get around to completing before a disaster strikes. (For tips on how to create one, check out our post here. It’s not hard, and you’ll be

Real estate transactions are notoriously complicated, so it’s no surprise that confusion and misinformation abound. In this third of our series on debunking common real estate myths, we take a closer look at the differences between a title company and a closing attorney, as they are not one in the same. To learn more about the other myths we’ve debunked,

If your claim has ever been denied by your insurance company, you know just the kind of sinking feeling that comes with such a letter. While there are many common ways insurance companies try to deny property insurance claims in Florida, the important thing to remember is that you still have options. At Silverberg|Brito, PLLC, we’ll be with you every

For many people, COVID-19 has forever changed the way they think about disasters. But for us in Florida, not everything about COVID-19 has been new, especially in terms of understanding the importance of preparation when it comes to fending off a life-threatening force with a mind of its own. Every hurricane season, we brace for potentially life-threatening storms, and we

As Floridians, we have a lot on our minds right now. Everything about how we work, live, and play has drastically changed during these past several months due to the coronavirus pandemic, and many of those changes may likely be permanent. One thing, however, that hasn’t – and won’t – change for us here in Florida is the annual threat

Falling behind on your mortgage payments can lead to very serious legal consequences and the potential loss of your home, but just because you may face the prospect of foreclosure, it doesn’t mean you are without your rights. In fact, there are many steps in the Florida foreclosure process. Securing quality legal representation is the key to protecting what is

The current economic crisis is unlike any other we’ve experienced. There are simply too many unknowns about how and when the economy will recover, how long people will be out of work, and what the future will hold in terms of how we interact with others going forward. Without question, these are trying times and the uncertainty surrounding the situation

Buying real estate is an exciting time. Whether it’s a new home or commercial property, new possibilities await and with that comes optimism and opportunities. Buying real estate is also an extremely stressful time. There’s risk – financially and emotionally. And the pressure you are under is immense. With so much at stake and so much that can wrong if

When you experience property damage, there’s so much more at stake than just getting your property fixed. There are financial concerns, emotional concerns, and other business and personal concerns that extend far beyond what caused the initial disruption in the first place. Getting things back to normal as quickly as possible is imperative to restoring normalcy and leveling the myriad

Across the globe, disaster planning has taken on a whole new meaning for many people, and while a viral pandemic like the coronavirus is certainly unique, we here in Florida have lived through other disasters and know what it’s like to have our daily lives completely upended by a force wholly out of our control. It is also why we

With so many moving parts in any real estate transaction, it’s easy to see how myths and misconceptions about homeownership and the purchase process can begin to circulate among friends, family, and the internet. As real estate attorneys at Silverberg | Brito, PLLC, we’ve heard our share of them and wanted to dedicate a series of blog posts to debunking

The coronavirus -so fast-moving and stealthy – has quickly made its way around the globe, and the resulting COVID-19 pandemic has put us all on edge. Not only is it posing very serious and life-threatening health risks, it has also forced many of our businesses to completely shut down. Restaurants, retail, and entertainment venues are shuttered; many offices are vacant

Among one of the hundreds of decisions you’ll have to make when buying a house is whether or not to buy title insurance. While every homeowner’s situation is different, we generally encourage our clients to consider making the relatively minimal investment in order to protect such a large financial purchase for the long haul (for an overview of what title

We hate to be the bearers of bad news, fellow Floridians, but whether we like it or not, hurricane season is fast approaching. And while there are a whole host of unknowns that come with storm season, one thing we know for certainty is that it pays to be prepared. Another thing we know? It’s never too early to start