When renting or leasing a space, you, as the tenant, as well as your landlord each maintain certain rights and responsibilities. Many of these are spelled out in the lease agreement, but not all of them may be. Before signing any kind of lease, it’s important to carefully read the full terms and ask questions if you don’t understand something.

As a property owner, you take pride in the home and life you’ve built, and you want to protect your property as best as you can.  One action you take is insuring your property so that you’re covered in the event of a disaster. As a hard-working Floridian, it only makes sense that you want to do everything in your

While we’re accustomed to heeding warnings leading up to a hurricane and most of us do our part to protect our property and families before and during a storm by checking off the items on our hurricane checklist and packing our emergency hurricane go-bag, it can be easy to let the importance of taking safety precautions after a storm slide in

Whether you’re new to Florida or have been living in the greater Miami area for most or all of your lives like we have, you know the kind of life-threatening damage a major storm can inflict. While there’s no stopping the winds and rains, we can do our part to ensure that our homes are properly protected and that we

In this second of our series on tenants’ rights, we dive into the topic of mold in your rented or leased space. (Missed our first post in the series on tenants’ rights? Check out what to know about wind and water damage. As discussed, a tenant is entitled to certain rights including being provided a safe and livable home or

Throughout Florida, we’re no strangers to extreme weather events that can wreak havoc on our properties and cause serious devastation in our lives (P.S. – Are you prepared for this year’s storm season? Check out our hurricane checklist and start taking action today.). But it’s not just weather events that may prompt us to file a claim with our insurance

Here’s the short answer: There’s no claim too big or too small to qualify for an insurance case. Now let’s walk through the longer answer in a bit more detail. When you experience damage to your property – no matter the size – it causes more than just an inconvenience. Whether it’s your home or business property, rental or investment

If you’re renting or leasing a space, you’re entitled to certain tenant rights including being provided a safe and suitable living space that is sheltered from wind, water, and other elements. But as a tenant, it can sometimes feel unclear as to who is responsible for taking care of certain repairs and damage, especially those resulting from a major storm

The real estate market in South Florida is booming, and for us Miamians, it’s not surprising to see why. With plenty of sunshine, beaches, and endless opportunities for entertainment and culture, buying a home in any of our great communities is a no-brainer. But buying a house is not all sunshine and roses. There are some serious considerations you need

Hurricane Preparedness Checklist - Florida

As Miamians, if there’s one thing we know with certainty, it’s that there will be a storm season. It’s never an “if” or even a “when.” It’s a “how big will it be” state of mind that we’ve come to expect as summer rolls around each year. And while we can’t stop the winds and rains, one thing we can

Spoiler alert: insurance litigation doesn’t cost you a dime. When you purchase property insurance, you do so with the understanding that the terms set forth in the policy agreement will be followed through in the event of an unforeseen disaster. And many insurance companies do act in good faith to handle claims fully and in accordance with the policy. But