We all hear in Miami and Miami-Dade County about Hurricane Irma. We are preparing for what to do in Miami when Hurricane Irma comes. First, make sure you have your supplies. Make sure to protect your valuables and take pictures of your insurance documents. Put your treasures in ziploc and waterproof containers. Take pictures and videos of your homes, fences,

Recently, managing partner, Steven Silverberg, Esq. was published in the St. Thomas Law Review! Steven worked tirelessly on his paper regarding the option to repair. He credits his family and friends for all their input in helping him to get published on the issue of the Option to Repair for the State of Florida. The Option to Repair is a

I recently went to Tallahassee to meet with the Miami-Dade delegation and some lobbying groups. What I found was going on there is fascinating. First, the Miami-Dade delegation is in extremely powerful seats including the second most powerful, which is Carlos Trujillo, as chair of the appropriations committee. He is the chair of the committee who controls the State purse.

The quick and dirty answer is protect your property from further damage because of Hurricane Matthew. This may be done by calling a restoration company, putting a bucket under anything leaking, putting a tarp over your roof, and of course cleaning up any standing water. Make sure you document the damages by taking pictures and videos of the damages to

At Silverberg|Brito, PLLC not only do we focus on our clients but we are keeping track of the insurance industry as a whole. As many may know, recently, Heritage P&C requested a rate hike of approximately 14.9% throughout the State of Florida. After receiving intense public scrutiny, Heritage relinquished and did not raise rates. However, let’s look at whether Heritage

As this is my first blog, I will assume no one has seen the recent policy changes that Citizens Property Insurance Corporation has just approved to their 2016 policy to curtail water damage claim costs. Some of the highlights are limiting coverage for emergency services and temporary repairs to an amount between $2,500 and $5,000 prior to reporting of the